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Dewey sucks

L'Annoyed Librarian nous demande "Who really likes Dewey, anyway ?" où avec son style caustique habituel elle se moque des bibliothèques qui abandonnent la Dewey pour une classification adaptée des librairies (tiens...ça me rappelle quelque chose...). Quelques extraits pour le fun :

"This tells me that there are a lot of morons living in the Rangeview district, or that the librarians need to work more on the "information literacy." Their new system has 45 categories. Dewey has ten. Which seems easiest?"

"If your users are knuckleheads who rarely need to find a specific book, then, yes, the bookstore system is more "user friendly." If your users are people of reasonable intelligence or above who can take the 67 seconds required to master Dewey and sometimes want to quickly locate a specific book, it's not more user friendly."

"Let's face it, Dewey sucks. That's why most academic libraries - you know, the ones with lots of books - dropped it decades ago. Once you get up to a half million books or so across a lot of subjects, Dewey is just a big pain. For libraries with less than a half million or so books, what does it really matter? They don't have enough books to bother about organizing, anyway. Just toss the genre fiction into a big pile for the addicts, and have the librarians remember where the rest of the books are."

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