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Inside Google

Longue, difficile et très intéressante interview de Eric Scmidt (CEO de Google) "L'homme qui a toutes les réponses" (Inside Google : Eric Schmidt the man with all the answers) dans Wired du 30 juin dernier.

Quelques extraits pour vous allécher :

You can ask me any questions you wish, but every question you’re asking is a negative question,” ... “You’re putting the questions into a negative context rather than looking at it from the standpoint of innovation and growth – which is how we think. Your questions imply an industrial model and a limited model, but that’s not in fact how the world works. And Google is about taking advantage of this enormous opportunity.” déjà ça commence bien, non ?

"We have a mission and a strategy, and the mission is… you know, [to organise] all the world’s information"

"We think there are many, many things that can be done to improve search. Would you like to be able to say to Google, ‘What should I do tomorrow?’ or ‘Where are my car keys?’ We’re just at the beginning of answering the really hard questions. We’re good now at cataloguing, indexing stuff that’s already been written. But what about meaning, what about understanding real intent? These are very, very hard problems, and search is the way to access those." Ce genre de questions posées à Google, il me semble que ça ressemble à des prières, non ?...Google prochaine divinité ?

Merci Pierrick pour le lien.

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